Staging your home is an integral part of the traditional selling process. If you’re unsure of how to stage for success, keep reading for some tips.

What Is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of cleaning and styling your home to better appeal to potential buyers. This could include painting and repairing where necessary, rearranging or purchasing new furniture, or redecorating. 

The Benefits of Staging Your Home

Staging can raise the value of your home and generate more calls from prospective buyers. As many as 92% of agents surveyed in 2012 told NBC News that staging a home increases a property’s sales value. By cleaning and staging your house, you can help potential buyers to better envision themselves living in the home rather than risking them being distracted by outdated furniture or clutter. 

How to Stage Your Home

Now that we’ve discussed why you’d want to stage your home, let’s go over how you can stage your home successfully. Our biggest tips for staging include:

  • Clean thoroughly – You don’t want potential buyers stumbling upon dust bunnies or dirt while they tour your home. Make sure to clean like you’ve never cleaned before when you’re staging your house. 
  • Update your decor – While your decor may have been fresh and fun a decade ago, it’s not going to appeal to buyers today. Go for a clean, modern look that will help all sorts of buyers to envision themselves living in the space. If re-decorating seems like it could be a struggle for you, consider hiring a professional decorator to re-work your space for you. 

Biggest Mistake Home Sellers Make

Price is the number one deciding factor in whether or not a home sells. If you want to sell your home, you need to think carefully about how you furnish your home, and make sure that it fits the price point you’re seeking. When you’re getting ready to list your home for sale, take the time to have an evaluation from a professional home stager. They can advise you on how to balance the proportions of color and style. Realtors, for the most part, don’t typically advise selling your home with an outdated color palette, like one that’s a bit dated and eclectic. Your house should represent who you are as an individual and what you aspire to be.

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