We get it; you want to sell your home fast. Please keep reading for our expert tips that will get your home off the market in no time.

Make Your Home Show-Ready

Start now by cleaning, fixing, and staging your home with a realtor to help you figure out the best way to stage it. Here are some suggestions to make it pop for sale: 

  • Clean – Your home should be spic and span. Use bleach to wipe down the inside of bathrooms and kitchen sinks. 
  • Remodel – Clear away loose countertops and paint walls with a fresh coat of color. Keep everything clean and in order. 
  • Mow – Lawns are at the top of your list of factors for buyers, and fixing your yard today will show a buyer that you’re ready to take the house off the market.
  • Clean and disinfect – Clean floors and counters. Clean sinks and toilets. Empty dishwasher and stack clean silverware and dishes.

Create a Realistic Asking Price

Ditching the “will they, won’t they” approach, set a realistic asking price based on your market. By realizing your market value now, you won’t have to panic and lower your asking cost when the home doesn’t sell in a couple of weeks. Prepare an engaging listing video. Using a YouTube or Vimeo account, you can create a video without having to pay an agent’s fee. Use keywords. The more keywords your video has, the higher you can rank. The content of your video should give viewers clear insight into the unique things about your home that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Think About Staging

Staging can be a simple way to boost your home’s appeal without too much investment. Consider using clear glass double-hung windows with a dark screen, re-stain existing floors with an attractive stain (preferably dark, mossy green), and replace light fixtures with copper-plated or brushed nickel. Add high-end fixtures Updating your existing fixtures is a way to create a sense of sophistication in an otherwise bland space and installing a suspended Edison bulb, chandelier, or mirror to significant effect. Offer a kitchen makeover If you have a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of cupboard space, a subtle update can make a huge difference.

Advertise Online

This is probably the best way to market your home. Not only can you find out the market price per square foot for your home, but you can also create highly targeted online advertising by including a neighborhood-specific name, such as “The Marietta Square.” This will allow you to attract potential buyers to your neighborhood who are searching for homes in your particular area. Use backlinks to your home’s online content to increase your SEO value. Other significant sources of information on home listings include Zillow, NAR, and realtor.com. Keep your home clean When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to forget to scrub down your kitchen after you get home from work. Keep up with those weekly deep cleaning sessions, and you’ll be surprised by how much more time you can spend enjoying your home.

selling your home.

Be Proactive After the Sale

If you follow these few rules, you’re more likely to sell your home fast. Let’s take a look:

  • Look at your home weekly.
  • Make sure that it’s cleaned up, tidy, and maintained.
  • Check the roof, clean gutters and the sump pump, and any other maintenance.

A quick look at a few rooms will help you find any potential issues. In addition, hire a painter to do any touch-ups before listing the house. If you have any outdoor needs, have them completed before listing. The sooner you get your home on the market, the better. When a potential buyer comes through, be sure to provide a detailed list of the items that need repairs. Plan for your open house Open houses are a great way to get the word out about your home.

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