When you decide to sell your house, what is the secret to attracting buyers? The answer is to photograph your home, emphasizing all the best features.

Get a Fresh Perspective

Even when you know what you want to showcase, it is very easy to lose track of what the real focus of the shot should be. When you shoot your home, be sure to always ask yourself, “what is the key feature of this room?” It’s very easy to miss details like that when you’re at a loss for focus.

See what’s behind the walls, the potential that buyers might see in your home. This can be the most challenging part of the shot. Many people like to shoot the living room or kitchen on the side, but if there’s an eating nook or the kids’ area behind the couch, it becomes tricky to figure out what should be framed. While you’re shooting, see if you can move furniture out of the way and try different angles.

Choose the Right Time of Day

Daylight is the best time to take interior photos, especially with the windows opened. The sunlight provides the best shadows on the walls, especially during afternoons before the sun gets too low or mornings before the sun gets too high. If you have no easy access to windows, artificial light is acceptable as long as you can illuminate the space in a pleasing way.

A great deal of interior photography from windows that face either west or east is done during the early hours of the day. This gives you a lot of natural light to use when you photograph your home.

Create a Focal Point With Every Shot

Photographing your home is the perfect opportunity to set up multiple shots in order to showcase the home’s best features. What is the best feature of your house? If you ask most people, there are likely to be very different answers. Do not simply shoot different angles of the same room, as this will be very boring to your viewers. Maybe it is the layout of your kitchen, a unique piece of art, or a unique feature of the home. Photograph your home like an art project; it will truly set your home apart from the rest.

The best interior photos show you what the space is like from all angles. Start by capturing photos of rooms as they are, rather than how you might see them when you’re standing inside. The same goes for outdoor spaces as well.

Set Up Your Shots With the Right Gear

A tripod is an essential accessory when photographing your home. It will help stabilize the camera and focus the shot. You don’t need to invest a lot of money, though. The cheapest tripod is available online for less than $50.

If you don’t use a tripod for photographing your home, you will be ruining your photos. Always use a tripod or a cable shutter release when photographing your home. While it may take some practice, learning how to use a tripod or cable release will save you money in the long run.

Edit Your Photos to Perfection

The first thing to do after taking any photos is to edit your photos to perfection. Take a few days to edit your photos on your laptop. Add some cinematic blur to the background, and even draw attention to different colors and textures.

Another reason to shoot interior photos in natural light is so that you can do some bracketing and edit in Photoshop. Most home buyers want photos to come out nicely, so a little bracketing never hurts. Don’t overdo it, however, as unrealistic pictures will drive buyers away.

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